The Top Ten Best Films to Watch As A Couple

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Movie Analysis written by: Born Movie Reviews


They can be dramas. They can be comedies. All a film needs to do for a couple is to spark emotions that can stir both together as one. It is Valentine's Day, and though the fourteenth of February in 2013 might be a good day to die hard, it is still a day people heavily show their love to others. Arguably, the following ten films are not made for the sole purpose of having the audience fall in love again. Instead, these are ten films that I believe to be the best films to watch together as a couple. So, without further ado, let us begin with number ten:


Take a classic love story, add monsters, add medieval soldiers, add lovable side-characters, add hilarious dialogue, and put it all in a blender. The end product is the classic film The Princess Bride.
No matter what your taste for movies is, The Princess Bride has a little bit of everything, from fight scenes to adventure to romance to fantasy creatures. With one of the smartest screenplays ever written, this film adaptation of the 1973 novel still holds up ever since its release, holding a cult status. Using peril, tense peaks are raised. Using the main duo's romance story, emotions are felt. The best way to have the feeling of falling in love again is to have a fantastic journey on the side, a journey that takes you to pirates and dangerous swamps.

9.    STARDUST (2007)

Tristan Thorne is eager to win the heart of Victoria and thus agrees to retrieve a falling star. As a result, he crosses a stone wall that is said to be the border between his village and the magical kingdom of Stormhold. There, he finds the star, surprisingly a woman, and begins to take her back. Slowly, he falls for the shining star. What makes this more fun? Well, several princes are after her in order to become king of the Stormhold. In addition, a trio of evil witches are out to eat her heart, attempting to achieve immortality.
Despite it lacking originality at certain times, Stardust strives with great characterization and heart for its story. Brilliantly directed by Matthew Vaughn and well-acted from all actors, this 2007 British fantasy is a romantic journey at its most promising. The tone may seem childish and silly, but surprisingly the narrative and thematic presence is far more effective than predicted. Alongside the Harry Potter franchise, Stardust is one of the most fun fantasy films in recent years, efficiently combining action with a well-paced romantic plot line.


It is the first and only 2D animated film to ever be nominated for Best Picture and it rightfully deserves to be the only one today. Arguably one of Disney's best films, Beauty and the Beast tells the classic love story while emphasizing the theme of judging people based on appearances and much more. In telling a thematic prologue of how a handsome prince was transformed into a hideous beast for his selfish actions, Beauty and the Beast efficiently creates the impossible. Who can ever learn to love a beast? Yet, as the narrative grows, the chemistry between Belle and the Beast grows stronger and stronger. The best part is this pair is not one but three-dimensional, giving us the audience a reason to care for them and a reason to have them together. If you are looking for a near-perfect romance story, this is one of them. Hearts will be touched and love will spark from a tale as old as time.


One of the most, if not the most, important aspects of a relationship is communication. Thus, it is heartbreaking when we see two individuals attempting to reach out to each other but there exists an abstract wall in the way. The Best Years of Our Lives, portrays this inner conflict so eloquently. Revolving around three WWII veterans trying to return to civilian life, this Best Picture winner skillfully touches on the aftermath of war, the psychological impact on war veterans, and their difficulty in re-adapting to their normal world.
Every single scene where a normal civilian tries to bond with a veteran, the heart and mind works its gears. Best Years of Our Lives is not a film about pure entertainment, but a film that generates humanizing thought. This is a film not just about the veterans, but also about the civilians reacting to these veterans. When broken relationships attempt to reconnect, emotions will spill.
Indeed, The Best Years of Our Lives is not a romance, but I strongly believe this is a film where a couple needs to see together, because it shows so much heart and spirit in its writing and substance, and in a way, this substance can only be truly felt if shared with someone else, someone close.

6.    AMÉLIE

Arguably, Amélie is the most stylish romance film ever made. In a funny way, most of the time it is because Amélie is a French film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. With a strongly likable protagonist, Amélie revolves around a shy waitress who decides to change the lives of those around her for the better while dealing with her own isolation.
Probably the best word to describe Amélie is "whimsical," and that is a powerful substance for a couple to absorb. Though the film itself might be too quirky for some, it is a fantastic work of art to appreciate, loaded with satirical laughs and mischievous heart. Quite possibly, Amélie is the best choice for a couple if they are looking for an jolly film that can stir their emotions rather quickly.

5.    WALL-E (2008)

It's cute. It's simple, and almost all of the romance chemistry has no dialogue. Yes, WALL-E has a much larger plot involving the Earth being unable to support life but the reason why this film is on this list is simply because of the relationship between WALL-E and EVE. Like real people, they have their ups and downs together. They have moments where one dislikes the other or one is annoyed by the other. Yet, at the end, these little components all combine together to grow one big connection. Eventually, what seems to be a delicate friendship soon evolves into an adorable romance. Probably the most amazing part of this relationship is, as mentioned before, barely any lines of dialogue are given, and we can still feel everything from the characters.
If you have a significant other and none of you have seen this film, God forbid, wait for the final act. You will know what I mean.


Are you looking for a romantic comedy? One that is legitimately good? If yes, you have to go with my number one greatest romantic comedy of all time, the 1934 Best Picture winner It Happened One Night.
Arguably, It Happened One Night has one of the greatest romance duos ever put on screen. Released during the boom of screwball comedies, the film is skillfully directed by Frank Capra and hilariously delivered by lead stars Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable. I am making this comment official. All those attractive male actors you see today? None of them can compare to Clark Gable. His smile alone wins.
If you watch It Happened One Night today, you might just find a lot of pop culture references that you might have not understood before.

The next three contenders also exist on my top twenty films of all time:

3.    UP (2009)

The plot of the entire film is based off of something we see in the first fifteen minutes. In the first fifteen minutes, we get to see the relationship between Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie. Afterwards, everything else is golden. Being the second animated film to be nominated for Best Picture, Up is charming, touching, and heartfelt while being consistently entertaining and funny throughout.


It may not be the greatest work of filmmaking ever, but Slumdog Millionaire is an inspiring piece that stirs not just the individual but also the pair. Alongside Jamal Malick's struggling life lies his love for Latika and the obstacles that tear them apart beyond their control. As everything adds up slowly, it is destiny that they will find each other again. How did everything happen to Jamal at the end, winning two million rupees and finally reuniting with the love of his life? It is written.
Perhaps this relationship you have with your significant other is also written.

1.    IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946)

Yes, the greatest film of all time is also the greatest film to watch as a couple. Just as how life is God's greatest gift, the moral of appreciating life is the film's greatest gift -- open to share and touch everyone's hearts in this world. This is a feeling that is guaranteed to stir any couple. Bless your significant other. Perhaps he/she is your own personal "George Bailey." Not only cherish your significant other, cherish your family too. It's A Wonderful Life is the greatest cinematic work that reminds everyone to live life to the fullest.

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